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November 21, 2013

Police Blotter

By Travis Raymond

Missing diamonds

A Cleveland State student reported a pair of diamond stud earrings missing from her book bag after leaving the bag unsecured in a locker in the women’s locker room at the Rec Center Nov. 7th.  She left the bag in the locker at around 2 p.m. but did not find the earrings to be missing until she returned home later that day. 

Lot 80 strikes again

On Nov. 9, a Cleveland State student parked his car in Lot 80 near the east fence at 3 p.m.  The next day, another Cleveland State student led police to the car reporting one of its windows shattered.  The steering column was found to be damaged, the likely result of an attempt to hotwire the ignition, and the car would not start, even with the assistance of a jump box.  The car’s owner reported nothing missing from the vehicle.

Laptops missing

The Tutoring Center reported two laptops stolen after an inventory check confirmed the computers to be unaccounted for Nov. 12th.  The laptops were estimated to have been stolen sometime between February 2012 and Nov. 11th of this year.

Purse snatching on Prospect

At around 9:30 p.m. Nov. 26, a woman walking on Prospect Avenue near Heritage Hall was robbed of her purse.  The suspect then ran away eastward on Prospect Avenue.  The suspect was described as an African American male wearing blue jeans, blue hooded sweatshirt, and a black skullcap with white design.