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The Galleries at CSU host photo, sculpture exhibitions

January 31, 2014

By Tara Harris


Photo by Tara Harris

The Cleveland State art gallery displayed two new exhibits on January 16, titled “Hephaestos Challenged: Seven Women Sculptors” and “25 under 25: The Emerging Photographer”.

Hephaestos is the Greek god of metal, fire and sculptors.
“The title of this exhibition notwithstanding, the only direct reference to any god in this exhibition is to Ganesa,” said Robert Thurmer, exhibition curator for Hephaestos Challenged.

Visitors of the gallery intensely studied the pictures and sculptures and couples actively sparked conversations about the pieces.

The seven women sculptors spoke briefly about the aesthetics of their work.

Alison Crocetta, a visual artist and associate professor at Ohio State, created a garland as an offering to Ganesa, the Hindu god who removes obstacles. The piece was made with thousands of cupcake liners and took months to complete.

“I like to respond to sight and scale and work with humble materials; its humility is what inspires me,” she said.

Camel Buckley stated she started her sculpture in 1996. It started out as an army of 4,000 miniature wood carved heads and Buckley decided for this exhibit to use those carved heads to make castings using hydrocal, to create a crowd scene with a total of 9,000 heads. She purposely placed them in disorganized fashion to represent disorganization in groups.

Kate Budd, recipient of three Individual Excellence Awards, created 12 miniature sculptures and preferred to use organic material wax to carve them. She added a graphite component to make some sculptures dark grey in color. She said she is inspired by man-made artifacts and doesn’t start with a finished product in mind.

“It just comes to me…magic happens when I get those surprises,” she said.

Irina Koukhanova, associate art professor at Cleveland State, produced sculptures that combined man and bird. The thought of cells and how every living thing originates the same way was her inspiration, she said.

Isabel Farnsworth, associate professor at Kent State, used recycled materials to create her pieces.

“I re-shape and articulate distillations of my subjective experiences,” she said.

Lisa Austin, candidate for Erie County council and Lane Cooper, artist and associate professor at Cleveland Institute of Art, collaboratively created an installation titled “Common Sense.” They created giant pencils for Austin’s campaign which read “write in Lisa Austin”.

The “25 under 25: Emerging Photographer” exhibit was curated by Ryan Upp, a Cleveland State alumni.

The exhibit features 25 photographs by 25 photographers under the age of 25.
Elizabeth Sisley, art history major and visitor of the gallery, favorites the photo “The Keepers” by Nicholas Scarpinato because it is playful but high quality in thought.

“The work is timeless, provocative and has a universal theme of innocence,” said Upp.

The photographs mainly depict a human surrounded in nature. |

“I love how [art] functions in society and the understanding of it reflects culture,” said Sisley.

The exhibits will remain on display until March 1, 2014.