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January 31, 2014

Students praise resume workshop

By Timothy Simko

Taylor Wilson walked into BU 220 with purpose as she prepared to sign in for the Society for Human Resource Management Resume Workshop. She sat at a table as she eagerly awaited a human resources professional who would review her resumé.

Wilson, a senior Human Resources and Business major at Cleveland State University, was intent on making sure her resumé was correctly formatted and updated.

“I went to Cuyahoga Community College and they helped me with my resumé,” Wilson said. “From that I was not as nervous about building it as much as I was about making sure it was updated to the 2014 requirements.”

Wilson, along with other Cleveland State students, attended the resumé workshop conducted by human resources professionals. The workshop was held on Jan. 23 and was open to students of all majors.

During the afternoon session between noon and 2 p.m., about 44 students came to the workshop. When the workshop started at noon, there were already about 15 students lined up to get their resumés reviewed. At one point, three students were paired up at a table with a single human resources professional, according to Cleveland State SHRM President Anna Gibson.

“The idea was to have students from the College of Business and the College of Urban Affairs attend the workshop,” said Gibson. “We were not expecting other majors.”
SHRM had a similar resumé workshop last fall semester, but it was not as popular as this one.

“I believe the time of year may have had something to do with it,” said Gibson. “There is a Career Fair on the 7th, students are graduating, and we advertised this one a lot better.”

Deauntae Morrow, a psychology major who graduates this May, wasn’t planning on attending the resumé workshop—but when he saw the advertisement, he decided couldn’t pass it up.

“They said bring your resumé and get free coffee and I just walked in,” Morrow said.
Morrow already felt good about the way his resumé was structured, but enjoyed talking to an HR professional and getting tips on how to fine tune his resumé.

“She [his HR professional] showed me a way to bullet point what I accomplished in college to better showcase my abilities,” said Morrow. “It was nice to be able to speak to an HR professional to better understand what companies look for.”

Morrow felt that such workshops with HR professionals can be of help to all students with either weak or strong resumés. The professional can help with overall structure, formatting tips and fine tuning the details.

“[The Cleveland State SHRM workshop] is beneficial to everyone,” said Morrow. “The woman I worked with had 15 years of experience. This is someone who does hiring.”

Morrow also felt that the HR professionals did not exaggerate when they gave resumé tips, but they suggested better wording to highlight the skills of the students.

Cleveland State SHRM director of Alumni Relations Dustin Randall also agreed that this workshop was beneficial, because students work with HR professionals and recruiters who work with resumés every day.

“From what I saw, it was great to see students interacting,” said Randall. “It’s important to learn networking. The professionals felt the students walked away with something.”
After tweaking her resumé and making sure it was correctly formatted and updated, Wilson felt that the workshop was beneficial to her.

“I believe that this is a beneficial program because resumés are key to finding jobs,” said Wilson. “Having workshops to consistently update students is a great asset for future business professionals.”