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December 5, 2013

Cole and James shine in their return to Cleveland

By Ronnie Holman

Quicken Loans arena for the Cavs game against the world champion Miami Heat. The sellout crowd of 20,562 filed into the arena early and some were holding t-shirts and banners that said “come home LeBron.”

LeBron responded repeatedly he wasn’t going to talk about him being a free agent. He wouldn’t answer the question of whether or not he was going to make his way back to play for the Cavs. James thought it was flattering the fans showed a public display of affection for him.

“I think that it’s flattering to know that you have fans everywhere,” James said. “My only concern right now is to win a third straight championship.”

The ball was up in the air and everyone was ready to see if the Cavs would pull off a win against the Heat. A lot of fans had forgiven LeBron James and were there supporting him. There were also others who had seemed to not let go of the past. Every time James touched the ball there was an array of boos coming from throughout the arena.

LeBron has won multiple league MVP’s and is continuing to get better every year. He has also matured because of his experiences over the years. He attests his first year in Miami taught him a lot.

“Obviously my first year in Miami helped me grow a lot, it humbled me and I got back into the lab to work on things that I knew ultimately would help my game and help our team,” James said.

The Heat is tied for the second best record in the NBA, and with everyone knowing their roles they continue to win. Norris Cole is now a veteran for the Heat and he plays his role to help keep them winning.

“I’ve gotten better and when you get better everyone places more responsibility on you,” Cole said. On our team everyone knows their role, so nobody has to go out and try to do too much.”

The Cavs kept pace with the Heat for the first half of the game, but they quickly lost control of the game in the second half. Dion Waiters was Cavs bright spot for the night. He was fearless and aggressive on offense and defensive while finding his teammates for good shots.

“I just wanted to be aggressive and put pressure on the referees and the defense,” Waiters said. “If my teammates are open I’m going to pass the ball, I’m aggressive both ways."

The Cavs didn’t win, but they play the Heat two more times this season to try and avenge their loss. After fans shouted and displayed their t-shirts this game, it’ll be interesting to see what they have up their sleeves next.