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November 21, 2013

Skyler charms CSU students

By Tara Harris

Sklyer performed at Cleveland State University on Wednesday Nov. 13, in the Student Center.

The baby-faced up and coming artist performed like a true professional. He performed songs from his album “Restless Heart,” which releases in December but was available to students for $10.

His album includes songs titled, “Crazy For Her”, “I Don’t Want to Leave”, “You Don’t Have To Go”, “Teenage Hearts”, “Writing on the Wall” and more. His favorite song is “You Don’t Have To Go.”

Skyler held the attention of the room with his soft playing of the guitar and youthful but soulful voice. He was accompanied by Lars who played the violin.

The internet may classify him as a pop artist but Skyler said, “My genre is unclassified. Too good to classify.”

His lively down to earth personality engaged the audience as he spoke to the crowd and told a few humorous anecdotes.

“Cleveland is awesome. No fooling,” he said as he neared the end of a song.
He acknowledged people as they took pictures of him he said “I’m DTS, down to selfie.” The audience chuckled.

He offered fans to meet and take pictures with him and Lars after his performance. He also offered people to tweet their pictures of him to @Skylertunes.