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November 7, 2013

The Black Dahlia Murder returned to campus for one last hoorah at Peabody's

By Travis Raymond

For over one violent hour Oct. 24, the mosh pit raged and debris and crowd surfers flew through the air inside Peabody’s Concert Club.  The Black Dahlia Murder returned to East 21st Street one last time to kick off their North American tour in support of their latest album, “Everblack.”

The band opened with “In Hell is Where She Waits for Me” and then worked their way backward through their catalog.  After selections from “Ritual” and “Nocturnal,” it was time for the “Miasma” fan favorite “Statutory Ape.” 

The crowd surged and headbanged through old favorites from the band’s early years as well as to new tracks like “Every Rope a Noose” and “Map of Scars.”  It was when the statutory ape made his appearance onstage that stage divers began climbing the roof supports and leaping onto the crowd from the ceiling.

Vocalist Trevor Strnad split his time between enthusiastically shrieking his lyrics and assisting crowd surfers from the stage.  Just before the end of the physically grueling 16 song set, Strnad thanked the Peabody’s crowd for all the great years.  The Black Dahlia Murder had been a mainstay at Peabody’s since the mid-2000s and were announced as headliners of one of the club’s farewell shows held before its close a week later.

The final song The Black Dahlia Murder played on the Peabody’s main stage was “Deflorate’s” epic closer “I Will Return.”  To celebrate the occasion, Strnad himself stage-dived during the last verse without missing a word.