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November 7, 2013

CSU student shines as Cavs girl

By Gabriel Hart

“It didn’t hit me until I was on the court and I looked to the side and I saw two cavalier girls, and I’m like this is the Q, I’m like really cheering here.” This is how Breanna Aponte felt for her very first time being out on that basketball court.

Photo Courtesy of Ian CordovaBreanna Aponte, a student by day and Cleveland Cavs Girl by night, is also a Cleveland native and junior at Cleveland State University. She attended Rhodes High School where she was a cheerleader. She was also a Vikings Dancer at Cleveland State for about a month, until realizing dancing for the NBA was what she wanted to do.

With only four months until the Cavs girl tryouts, Aponte made the decision to go for it. She stopped cheering for the Vikings and focused on training and weight loss. After tryouts, making cuts, boot camp, promotions, photo shoots, dance performances and appearances judgment day had arrived. Aponte was emotional after her name was called. After four months of hard work she was officially named a Cleveland Cavalier girl. She noted that what made her stand out is that she has her own look and her own dance style.

Now as a Cavs girl, Aponte is balancing school, a day job, working out, practice, and dancing which makes for a full schedule.
She thought it would be easier than it has been.
But even with the strain it may be causing her at this time if Aponte could go back and do it all over again she would.

“I love the girls, I love the environment,” She said.

Aponte does this for more than the dancing and the sport. Having attended Cleveland public schools Breanna plans to use this opportunity to show girls in Cleveland what is possible. She wants to speak to girls and let them know that you can be from the inner city and still succeed at your dreams.

“I love kids, I love people, I love to dance and smile, and that’s what this is all about, people aren’t just coming to see the game but to get the full experience,” she said.

Breanna feels like all her hard work is finally paying off. So the next time you’re at a Cavs game keep an eye out for your fellow Viking, Cleveland Cavs girl Breanna Aponte.