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Art, science merge at CSU gallery

Polish artist offers different perspective of shared universe

November 7, 2013

By Aziza Doleh

The world of art and science have always been separate entities. Not very many scientists or artists really tried to bring the two worlds together until now.

Przemyslaw Jasielski, a noted Polish artist, has brought the worlds of science and art together with a bit of saturation from technology at the Cleveland State University Galleries.

“I have an interest in science and I had an idea quite a long time ago to bring the two together,” said Jasielski.

The partnership of Cleveland State University, Cleveland Foundation and The Sculpture Center are hosting Jasielski’s installation for the Galleries at Cleveland State.

“I say that science and art help us to understand the same universe in different ways,” said Jasielski. “I wanted to show a different perspective that helps us to feel this attraction and feel isolated.”

In the explanation of his work Jasielski states that after coming to Cleveland he saw that Clevelanders had a specific sense of history different from Europeans, where historical heritage is a very old and forgotten time. He has realized that it’s important not to remember the good old days and complain about the present, but to understand the continuum from the past to what we have now.

He also explains his second inspiration and idea comes from Marc Pensky, the American thinker, on the dividing of two groups: digital immigrants (individuals alive before computer technology was widely available) and digital natives (all born in the era of digital world).

“The digital devices are a big part of our reality, the technology defines us,” said Jasielski.

Przemyslaw Jasielski Analog Immigration will be featured at the Galleries at Cleveland State now through Dec 7.