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October 10, 2013

Cavs coach confident: New leader rises to occasion

By Gabriel Hart

Confident, one word that resonated throughout the building during the 2013-2014 Cavs media day held Monday October 1st at the Cleveland Clinic Courts.

A championship is not the last thing on the mind of the Cavaliers this season. Despite a horrible last season, in which the Cavs ended their season third worst in the NBA. Many of the players feel that this year’s roster is not just a playoff team but a championship one.

Photo by Gabby HartCoach Mike Brown said there is a difference in him now than when he was coaching previously,

“Confidence, Not that I wasn’t confident before but I’m a lot more confident now.”
New to the Cavs Veteran Jarrett Jack jersey number 1 made a statement that exemplified his confidence as a veteran.

“No one wants to ‘just’ make the playoffs. If you want to ‘just’ make the playoffs you should “just’ go home.” I ‘just’ wanna win.”

And Kyrie Irving made it clear that he is the leader of the team, and he is prepared to lead.

“They look to me as a leader and I am and that what I’m ready to do.”

Irving also mentioned that over the years he has had an opportunity for growth,

“I’ve come a long way from the 19-year-old I was when I started out.”

An experienced and confident Kyrie Irving is something the competitors might be afraid of.

The upcoming season is highly anticipated by Cleveland State.

Other new additions to the team such as Andrew Bynum, Anthony Bennett and Sergey Karasev, just to name a few, has Cavs fans anticipating the start of the season to see how these new additions change the dynamic of the game.

Cleveland State student Jennifer Longstreet said, “I’m excited to see how they all play together, if it actually is going to make a difference.”
Many of our Cleveland State students are excited to attend the games, and to cheer for the Cavaliers.

However, Cleveland State student Cornell Ross wants it to be over before it even starts.

“I always get my hopes up, and then they just let me down. It’s terrible, it’s a terrible feeling, and I don’t want to go through it again.”

Hopefully the new and improved, confident Cavaliers can give Cleveland more than high hopes and disappointments like last season, but maybe, just maybe, a championship.
The Cavs kick off their regular season Wednesday, Oct. 30.