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Womens Center seeks
local food assistance

By Aziza Doleh

September 10, 2013

Students joke at times about being broke, living with roommates and eating cheap ramen noodles that you find for like 60 some cents at a grocery store. It actually isn’t just a joke or a stereotype you hear about; there are a substantial amount of students living on or off campus that can’t afford to buy themselves a decent meal.

From 2009-2011, there were 23.2 million students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate degree programs nationwide, some living either on campus or at home with their family. About a quarter of college students, however, lived on their own off-campus, and more than half were at poverty level.

At Cleveland State there are students that don’t always have the means to afford meals to eat or even simple toiletries.
The Mareyjoyce Green Women’s Center at Cleveland State maintains a food pantry for students to utilize and seek to connect the students with long-term food assistance and additional resources.

“Years ago a former grad student Monica Moore came up with the idea,” said Jillian L. Keller, a staff member at The Mareyjoyce Green Women’s Center (MGWC).
The small pantry makes a big difference in the lives of students at Cleveland State and it relies solely on the support of the Cleveland State community to help donate food to the pantry.

“We would like the people to be aware there are a lot of hungry students that are food instable and they don’t have a proper place to prepare,” said Keller.

The MGWC does rely on faculty, staff and students to help donate food and any additional resources to the pantry to keep it full for those students seeking assistance.

Some of the ongoing departments that help collect are All-in-1 Campus 411, FAST and the FAST Team.

“We don’t want the people to feel self-conscious while they are here at Cleveland State,” said Keller.

There were no students willing to come forth to tell us about using the assistance of the food pantry offered.

Any student is welcome to the pantry for the assistance and if you would like to remain anonymous that option is available as well. The center does not deny anyone.

Some of the in demand items they are seeking are peanut butter, jelly, boxed pasta, pasta sauce, instant oatmeal, cereal and canned foods with pull-tab tops. They will also accept other items as well.

The Women’s Center is located in the Main Classroom, Room 142.