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October 10, 2013

Uniting to Share program kicks off at CSU

By John Cuturic

The “Uniting to Share” campaign kicked off this month at Cleveland State University, bringing the university together to raise money for charity.

The goal this year is to raise participation among faculty and staff. Jami Derry, academic program specialist with Cleveland State’s honors program and project coordinator for Uniting to Share, said they aim to get 100 percent participation.

The campaign allows faculty to pledge a certain dollar amount from every paycheck. They can choose which of three charities -- United Way, Community Shares, or EarthShare Ohio -- their money will go to. They can even choose which specific agency inside that charity will receive their donations.

“If you have a passion, you can make sure your money goes there,” Derry said.

This is the first year pledges can be made online. Derry said that if every Cleveland State employee pledged $1 per paycheck, the university would raise $39,984. But some choose to donate more; last year, the campaign raised over $50,000.

Derry said if students want to help, they can make donations of cash or time. For instance, at the kickoff on Oct. 4, students provided the entertainment.

“For the kickoff, it was all students volunteering their time and their talent,” Derry said.

The kickoff raised $13,149. The next thing the campaign is looking for is volunteers to walk in the Homecoming parade on Oct. 19. If you’re interested in volunteering or want to find out more, you can email Derry at j.derry@csuohio.edu.