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September 26, 2013

Browns move makes fans worry for future

By Ronnie Holman

The Cleveland Browns have been in the news lately for something other than a quarterback controversy. The team’s latest endeavor is trading second year running back, from Alabama University Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts after the second game of the season. There have been many fan reactions to this move, a lot more negative than positive. The teams GM agreed that the organization will have to gain the fans trust in their efforts to make the team better for the future.

Richardson hadn’t been on the field much this season on third downs. Some feel that may have been a sign for things to come. Hasaan Lee, 25, Senior at Cleveland State felt the hurt of trading Richardson. After the Browns win he felt a little better.
“Once I re-evaluated the trade I felt it made sense for the Browns. Trent didn’t fit in to their future plans,” Lee said.

After the team’s victory against superstar running back, Adrien Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings, some may feel better about the team’s decision. Before the team shipped Richardson off to Indy, the team announced that they would start third string quarterback and former local superstar from St. Ignatius High school, Brian Hoyer over second string quarterback Jason Campbell.

“I’m all for the Cinderella stories and Brian Hoyer did an outstanding job in their first win,” Lee said. “He looked very comfortable playing in front of his hometown fans.”

Brian Hoyer finished with over 300 yards passing, three touchdowns and three interceptions but the team got their first win over the winless Vikings. The Browns will face in-state rivals and division powerhouse, Cincinnati Bengals next Sunday.

“I think Hoyer is a bandage to a hurting organization,” Lee said. I’ve been a Browns fan all of my life and I’m tired of hitting the reset button.”