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September 26, 2013

Ingenuity Fest celebrates arts and technology


By Aziza Doleh

2013 Ingenuity Fest presented by SCENE, the annual three-day art and technology festival, kicked off September 20 at Docks 32 and 30 on the lakefront behind FirstEnergy Stadium and the Great Lakes Science Center. This fest showed this was the place where art and technology meet.

Ingenuity’s mission is to engage people with their urban environment and encourage them to transform into something new and great. The choice of venue was well chosen given to on lookers to celebrate the creativity that has been offered. The fest has been set in the almost forgotten areas of the city and showing off the most unusual very different kind of art and performances.

“Well really it brings everyone together it gives everyone a chance in Cleveland to see things that they don’t ever really have seen before,” said Faith Boone, social media coordinator and CSU alum. “There are so many people that live on the West side or East side that don’t get to see this or experience this out of the box art and bring people together to look at the talent, 40,000 people come every year to see this.”

This is the second year in a row; Ingenuity Fest has been brought to Cleveland. The space for this year’s setup was endless; there was space for art galleries, movie theaters, a circus tent, and stages for theater, music and comedy. It could have been really difficult to figure out what you were able to see and or do there was a variety of amount of things throughout the docks.

Taking part at the fest was Cleveland State’s very own Poetry Center. The Poetry Line had an idea for guests to part take in writing their own poetry on an old-fashioned typewriter.

“We came to Ingenuity Fest to take part and show people what we do and to show people from Cleveland that, and we came here with some ideas for people to write poems on the typewriter it’s crazy wildly successful,” said Professor Frank Giampietro. “It showed them a different way of writing because you have to compose in your mind and you can’t erase the first thing you think of it’s been fun.”

Also some of the arts and artists included in the show were William Scheele of Kokoon Arts Gallery hosted Altered Cities/Altered States, a showcase of creative brought image manipulation software into a fine arts context. Michael Nekic's Altered City series enhanced photos of Cleveland landmarks to give them an electric, extra-present presence. Greg Little's body of work Synoetic Systems amused viewers' eyes and minds at the same time with incredibly detailed digitally rendered scientific illustrations.

Then there was Brooklyn-based Akimitsu Sadoi makes rain without water, using a wall of LED lights to simulate the patterns of light and shadow cast by falling precipitation. Stephen Tackacs built a camera obscura, a precursor to movie technology that consists of a box sealed off from incoming light, except for a pinhole which projects a faint image of whatever's outside onto the rear of the enclosure. Through trickery of mirrors, someone looking into the box from above could then see the projected image. However, Tackacs used a room instead of a box, and allowed visitors to stand in the camera itself, watching the world through weird optics.

Music was played and performed throughout the day to entertain and keep the crowd happy and enjoying their time. On the SCENE stage performances by These Knees, So Long Albatross, Weslshly Arms, Mr. Gnome, CLASS and more. The Inner City Ballet, Red Rovers, Dixon’s Violin and much much more were there as well to perform.

Also on continuous loop was the short films shown at the two cinemas setup.

Cleveland is a natural place for The Ingenuity Fest to run and explore. Whether it is the weekend or not Rock music, new wave of edgy technology and world-class performers are free to mix and interact. This festival was the festival that encouraged oddball, but cool creations to come together to make something so unique. As Ingenuity Fest would say “This is where passions collide, where expertise mix, and the unexpected is born. This is Ingenuity.”