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September 12, 2013

Letter from the editor

By Doug Vehovec

Dear Readers,

Hello! Welcome to the fall 2013 Cleveland Stater.

The operative word for our newsroom this semester is ‘excitement.’ Maybe it’s just me but there’s a palpable energy in the air around our corner of Music and Communications. Students in newsmedia lab I (COM 426) - the introductory course to our lab newspaper - were excited to put what they’ve learned into practice. Those of us in the partner course newsmedia lab II (COM 427) were excited to guide our counterparts as best we could. And maybe it’s just pure conjecture, but I think our faculty adviser has a little gleam of excitement in his eye too.

From day one, I was galvanized by the enthusiasm of our Stater staff. Here is a group of people with a real desire to do great reporting and bring the Cleveland State University community the best fair and balanced news. We are all very committed to this task and will continue to do so throughout the fall semester.

As both a transfer and non-traditional student (evidenced by a growing number of greys) the communications department in general and the journalism and promotional communications track specifically have become a wonderful second family to me. In the couple of years I’ve spent at CSU, I’ve witnessed and come to be part of a terrific collection of faculty, staff and students.

This fall, I am both humbled and proud to be appointed as your editor-in-chief for the Cleveland Stater. It is quite an honor for me and reinforces that my decision to return to school and earn my degree was the right one. Many years ago – even before the Stater was around! - I reached a point where I had to choose my major. I remember flipping through the university catalog and reading about each program. When I got to ‘journalism’ I stopped. It described how the degree program prepared students for a career in the field that involved a strong emphasis on writing. It was the first entry that mentioned life beyond university, and involved my first love – writing. I didn’t go through the catalog any further.

Here I am now, more than a decade later, and I find myself editor-in-chief of a fine university publication. Around me is arrayed a team of diverse individuals, all of whom share a passion for this thing called journalism. Every day I am truly blown away by what I see in camaraderie, innovation and teamwork.

I’d like to thank my team for allowing me the opportunity to lead them. I’d also like to thank the Cleveland State community for making my time here so far a tremendous endeavor. The faculty, staff and fellow students are remarkable and it is our pleasure at the Cleveland Stater to provide your news.

I hope that my time as your editor-in-chief is as rewarding for the CSU community as it is for me. The news team has been working hard to bring important, useful and interesting stories to you and we will continue to do so throughout the semester.

To that end if you have any ideas for stories you’d like to read, or issues you feel deserve coverage, or topics you wish the Cleveland Stater would report on, please feel free to contact us via email or phone, or through our Facebook page or Twitter. We encourage the CSU community - faculty, students and staff - to share your thoughts with us. We will do our best to provide you with stories that inform, entertain, or enlighten.

Best Regards,

Doug Vehovec