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September 12, 2013

Artists showcase their work at Cleveland State Art Gallery

By Aziza Doleh

The feeling of being special and gifted can mean the world to artists, but to others it’s not the most important thing. For Augusto C. Bordelois, featured artist at The Gallery at

Cleveland State, “it’s about being careful with your work just like my neighbor the bricklayer,” said Bordelois.

The paintings and drawings by Cuban-born, Cleveland-based native Augusto C. Bordelois are the new artwork featured in the North entrance of The Gallery at Cleveland State.

“The inspiration for this current show is a dreamy, psychological and very personal imagery that Augusto fit,” said Art Director Robert Thurmer.
Bordelois’ bold statements and representations of the essence of the Latin community were the deciding factors in having his work featured at The Gallery.

“I think he is a very important artist in Cleveland, he is a true Clevelander in the sense that he is an immigrant like most of us are, and he represents the Latin community, which we wanted to appeal as well,” said Thurmer.

All the artwork created by Bordelois are inspired by personal moments that have happened to him or things that people he knows have seen happen in life.

“It’s about life, things I have seen and things I’ve seen happen to people in my life and the philosophical things I interpret what happened,” said Bordelois.

Augusto Bordelois also made a point to wanting anyone looking at his pieces to know that, “It’s not just about talent it’s not just about gift, it’s about working hard everday for many hours until you do something good.”

Bordelois’ work will be at The Gallery at Cleveland State from August 30 through October 12. For times to visit the art show, check the Cleveland State website csuohio.edu/art gallery.