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September 12, 2013

Faculty from Urban Affairs win recognition for achievements

By John Cuturic

Three Cleveland State University faculty members in the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs won recognition in summer 2013, with two receiving awards and one a position on an academic council.

Norm Krumholz, a professor emeritus with the College of Urban Affairs, won the American Planning Association of Ohio’s Outstanding Planner award. The award recognizes outstanding achievement as an urban planner and sustained contribution to the planning profession.

Krumholz has had a long career in urban planning. Before coming to Cleveland State, he worked for the city of Cleveland, where he helped set up the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority in 1975. When he came to Cleveland State, he helped to negotiate the RTA U-Pass for students.

“I’ve been in planning now for about 50 years,” said Krumholz. “And it’s always been rewarding and fun.”

Mary Myers won the Golden Key International Honour Society’s 2013 International Advisor of the Year award. Myers, who holds a doctorate in education, works as an academic advisor for undergraduate urban affairs students. She also works with Cleveland State’s chapter of Golden Key.

In 2012, Myers lost her former job with Student Life. She said that this award came at the end of a period of uncertainty in her life.

“It was awesome,” Myers said. “I felt honored and humbled, because it was a big deal.”

Myers received $1,000 for a regional advisor award, and another $2,000 for the international award. According to her, she’s using the money to have some work done on her house and after that she’ll take a vacation.

Daila Shimek, who works as a project manager at the College of Urban Affairs Center for Public Management, was appointed Executive Director of the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council (NACC). The NACC networks organizations, which study the nonprofit sector.

Shimek said that the NACC relocates about every four years. She served as the interim executive director while the group considered proposals. When the NACC decided to come to Cleveland State, Shimek was selected to keep the position.

Shimek has worked as a project manager at Cleveland State for seven years. Before that she worked at the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency and with the Ohio Auditor of State.

“It was an honor that they chose Cleveland State to serve as the host for the next four years,” Shimek said. “And an honor that they chose me as executive director.”