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September 12, 2013

NEOMED admits new cohort of premed students

By Robert Bray

Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) and Cleveland State University has admitted it’s second class of 35 pre-medical students for a collaboration established to address health care needs within urban areas.

NEOMED is a institution of higher learnng that was established in 1973. The University trains physicians, pharmacist, researchers and other health professionals in a work environment.

Cleveland will be the epicenter from which this program operates and where clinical partners have community-based facilities. The Partnership for Urban Health directly connects pre-med and medical students to urban communities in Cleveland.

“I am passionate about working with and caring for homeless individuals, especially those undergoing mental health issues, substance abuse, and who may have HIV/AIDS,” said Irina Padua, a student from northern California who decided to join the unique pre-medical program in the country that focuses on urban health issues.
Irina appreciates the diversity of her 2013 cohorts.

“Each of us comes from all walks of life and have unique personalities and traits which will certainly help us thrive through our journey in becoming a physician,” she said.

This fall the students involved in the partnership are taking pre-med courses in sciences and urban health at NEOMED’s campus.

“I personally want to create a public health clinic network across downtown Cleveland that focuses on low-income urban communities,” said Veeral Shah, a 2013 NEOMED student with a masters in public health. He explained that they are also required to take an urban studies seminar which allows them to gain experience with the various communities around Cleveland.

All together there are currently 63 pre-medical students in the partnership from this year and last year combined.

“What I like most about NEOMED’s program is it’s sense of support provided for each of the students in this partnership program,” said Padua.

”The faculty members, advisors, and mentors who have worked hard to create such a unique program for us have certainly expressed their sincere concern for our success,” she said.