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July 3, 2014

Breaking Bad remake shows surprisingly solid effort

By Timothy Simko

Henry Navarro calls a meeting with his narcotics team. He puts them on notice, explaining that there are new drug pushers in town, and they are making meth with unrivaled purity.

Navarro explains that the new drug pushers have a high skill set. The scene then cuts to Walter Blanco, who is standing at his bathroom mirror in his underwear, savagely brushing his teeth. The scene cuts to the opening credits, showcasing elements of the periodic table across the screen.

This is a scene that many across America are familiar with.

The television show “Breaking Bad” has been given widespread critical acclaim and has been praised by critics as one of the best dramas of all time. Due to the popularity of Breaking Bad, Sony has created a Spanish-language remake of the show titled Metastasis.


“The Colombian version of Breaking Bad looks so awesome. #WalterBlanco #Metastasis” said Twitter user @andrewjbeaton.

Metastasis shares many of the same elements as the original show.

The main character is Walter Blanco, who manufactures meth along with his partner Jose Rosas while trying to hide this fact from his wife Cielo, his son Junior, and his brother-in-law Henry.

Immediately after the opening credits, the parallels can be seen between the two shows.
The script is similar, and the plot is essentially the same. The characters all behave in the same manner, and they even go so far as to dress and appear similarly.

“#Metastasis, Spanish language adaptation of #BreakingBad, is excellent. True to the original, same cinematography, great script & acting,” said Twitter user @spinstripes.
However, there are a few key differences in the show.

Because the remake takes place in Columbia instead of New Mexico, the team of Blanco and Rosas create their meth inside of an old school bus instead of an RV. This is done because — according to Sony — recreational vehicles are not as popular in Columbia.
The show will be broadcast on UniMas over the course of three months. There are also multiple episodes currently available on Hulu.com.

This remake shows potential and can entice those who enjoyed the original show, however subtitles currently aren’t available on Hulu.

Despite this, there is currently a six-minute preview video on YouTube containing subtitled dialogue.

“Gotta say I like this adaption! I had my doubts but I’m liking these actors :D #Metastasis #BreakingBad,” said Twitter user @Wydow.

“Colombians make some good quality soaps. I wouldn’t be surprised if Breaking Bad remake is better than the original. #Metastasis,” said Twitter user @stifkitten in agreement.

For fans, the nostalgia alone is reason enough to look up the show and watch an episode.