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Team USA, keeper Tim Howard push Belgium to limit, lose 2-1

In what many are calling the most exciting match of the 2014 World Cup, so far, the United States men’s national soccer team pushed heavily favored Belgium into overtime tied 0-0, but ultimately fall to the relentless Belgium attack, 2 to 1.

Cavs top choice Andrew Wiggins says ‘I want to win’

The Cleveland Cavaliers selected Kansas forward Andrew Wiggins with the No. 1 overall pick of the 2014 NBA Draft.

Women’s volleyball, soccer to start seasons in August

Viking women take to their respective fields and courts in August right as students return to class on August 23. Women’s soccer will play two exhibition games in early August and their season will begin August 22, the day before classes officially start.

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University admin salaries, student debt on rise

According to a recent study from the Institute of Policy Studies, “The One Percent at State U,” co-authors Marjorie Wood and Andrew Erwin found that administrative spending outstripped scholarship spending by more than 2:1 at the universities with the highest-paid presidents.

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Arts & Entertainment

35th annual JazzFest held at U.S. Bank plaza

The crowd gathered on East 14th Street between Euclid and Prospect avenues to view the parade.
The Mardi Gras-style parade excited the crowd as they snapped pictures and volunteers passed around beads and handkerchiefs as the Parade the Circle tribal puppets swayed to the rhymes of jazz being played.

Breaking Bad remake shows suprisingly solid effort

Henry Navarro calls a meeting with his narcotics team. He puts them on notice, explaining that there are new drug pushers in town, and they are making meth with unrivaled purity.

Student life

Financial woes lead to dissatisfied int. students

In a recent online study by the National Association of State Facilities Administrators (NASFSA), international students who come to the United Sates for school are reported to be dissatisfied with their experiences at U.S. universities.

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LGBT Pride Parade draws support for marriage equality

Booming music reverberates and rainbow flags sail high catching the summer breeze against the picturesque backdrop of downtown Cleveland.
Every year, expressive supporters and gay couples walk proudly through the streets for the Pride Parade in Voinovich Park in hopes that Ohio will soon join other states that permit gay marriages.

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Diversity, tradition shapes the 4th

Growing up in a small town Kyle Juist was not offered many opportunities after high school, but had a tradition to follow.
“I’d rather serve and die for my country than to disappoint and disgrace my family,” Juist reflected while sitting on his bed October of 2002 as a senior in high school.

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Gift to help Fenn Hall upgrades

The Washkewicz College of Engineering at Cleveland State University received a $733,000 donation from the estate of Frederick H. Ray.

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Biological clocks optimize performance, affects aging

“Aging is not for sissies,” Josephine Hatala said. The 82-year-old may be on to something.
Aging is one of the things that affects all of us, but the question is what causes it. Some people say diet, others say exercise, along with a laundry list of other factors.

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CSU Police offer ALICE training courses

The Cleveland State University Police Department is offering a training program as a precautionary measure to prepare faculty and staff in the event of a school shooting.

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Urban Affairs holds forum on climate change

On June 23, the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs held a forum on climate preparedness and resilience in the Roberta Steinbacher Atrium.

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Entrepreneurs share ideas at Startup Vikes

Start Up Vikes was held Friday, June 20 though Sunday, June 22 in Fenn Tower.
The event was open to all Cleveland State University students and alumni as well as community members.

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Cleveland students struggle, hope on horizon

It would not be a stretch to say that Cleveland is growing and improving — neglected buildings and run-down neighborhoods are steadily growing into a beautiful, bright and bustling metropolis.
However, as much as things are improving in Cleveland, there is still one big problem.

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Questions still linger over Common Core

Common Core math has been in the media within the past year with scores of parents posting a picture of their child’s homework and proclamations of how wrong the system of math is. At one point in early 2014, comedian Louis C.K. even joined the Common Core bashing frenzy.

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Nostalgic drive-in experience stays fresh with modernizations

"American as apple pie and baseball" used to be a catch phrase to describe a sentiment of American cultural authenticity. Another unique American cultural experience many would add would be watching movies at a drive-in theater.

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CSU Program wins national award for innovativeness

Cleveland State University, and its partner Asia Institute, won the 2014 Innovative New Program award for the first-of-its-kind program.

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