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June 19, 2014

Police Blotter

By Kevin Liszka

Find my iMac

Officers filed a theft report for CSU staff June 4 regarding a missing computer from the Main Classroom Building.

An employee said that a recently purchased iMac computer for use by the Cleveland State Vindicator was first discovered missing from the fourth-floor of the Main Classroom the morning of June 3.

He said only three people have access to the room the computer was taken from and that the door is always locked. There were no signs of forced entry into the room.

Software that allows for remote access to the computer that provided an approximate location for the device about the 2100 area of the Flats.

Cleveland State police are taking a further look into the matter.

No such thing as free parking

June 5, CSU police received a call from a female student about a theft in the Langston parking lot.

She said that in a rush the morning of May 29 she had left open her car’s passenger side window.

Upon returning a few hours later she discovered her parking hangtag was missing and she had been issued a parking ticket.

She reported no other property missing from her vehicle.

The officer on scene filed a report and advised the woman to call if she had any other questions or concerns about the matter.

Poor Prof

An officer responded to a report that a faculty member had his bike stolen from outside the Science Research Building the afternoon of June 6.

The bicycle was described to the officer as a blue, 28 inch Giant touring bicycle retailing at approximately $200.

The professor said he locked the bike up onto the bike rack on the Euclid side of the Science and Research building only to return later to discover both the bike and lock missing without a trace.

The officer on scene filed a report on the matter and was advised on his further course of action.

Urban Archeologist

While on patrol in the area of Prospect Avenue and East 14th an officer noticed a car alarm going off in a parking garage.

When he approached the vehicle he observed a male standing next to the car, which had its driver’s side window broken out.

After calling for backup, the officer caught up with the suspect down the street and upon a pat down of the man the two officers found window glass and rocks in his pockets.

When asked about the rocks the suspect told police that he, “just carries rocks in his pockets.”

The man was charged with possession of criminal tools and taken into custody.