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June 5, 2014

Busbey Natatorium renovations complete

By Aaron Cutteridge

Cleveland State University facility’s crews finished upgrades to the Busbey Natatorium pools in May to maintain high quality of the facility.

REnovated Busebey NatatoriumMark Cunningham, assistant director of Facilities Management and his team developed a new design for the water nozzles in the pool.

This new design will help provide consistent water speeds in all the swimming lanes.

Viking swimmers already spoke highly of the speed of the Natatorium pool and the upgrades will keep the Viking swim team competitive in the upcoming season.

Accompanying the new nozzle set-up is new tiles for the pools and a fresh coat of paint. New filters were also installed in both of the pools.

The construction ended ahead of schedule, in plenty of time for the summer swim classes to take place, uninterrupted.

Classes open June 23 with all age groups having instructional opportunities.

Classes start as young as 6-months-old and range to adult advanced swimmers.

Class registration is open now and can be completed online at www.csurec.com with multiple pricing tiers depending on the class segment you select and whether you are a Cleveland State member.