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June 5, 2014

William Morgan moves to Faculty Affairs, appointed Vice Provost

By Jaychelle Willis

Appointed to Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, William Morgan is set to replace College of Graduate Studies Dean Jianping Zhu, who served as interim Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and currently serving as Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs.

For the past six years, Morgan has held the position as Associate Dean for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS). In this position he worked directly with all faculty members under CLASS.William Morgan

Morgan said he enjoyed working with his colleagues in the Dean’s office, but he looks forward to the challenges ahead.

“I look forward to the new challenges,” Morgan said. “I enjoyed working with all of my colleagues and enjoyed the opportunity to serve the college.”
While in the transition process now, Morgan’s appointment will be effective starting July 1, 2014.

Morgan said he believes his experiences working with the faculty and his extensive interactions with Zhu and Vijay Konangi, who previously held the position as Vice Provost, has assisted him in his transition to Faculty Affairs.

“Over the past six years I have dealt with the Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs, so I learned much about the position through my interaction with the Vice Provost,” Morgan said.
Morgan said he is thrilled that his move to the Provost will give him the opportunity to contribute to each college as a whole as opposed to just CLASS.

Celebrating 25 years with the university, including his six years as Associate Dean, Morgan served as chair for the sociology department for seven years.
With a Ph.D in Sociology, he also taught numerous courses at Cleveland State.
Morgan’s move to Faculty Affairs comes at a crucial time at Cleveland State.

With the university undergoing major transitions with increased workload policies being put into place for faculty and new contract negotiations with the faculty union is approaching, Morgan is sure to feel the backlash from faculty members.
However, Morgan says he hopes to show faculty the positives in these new policies being placed.

“Anytime changes are made there is a tendency to look at the downside of those changes without looking at some of the potential positives,” Morgan said. “I hope that I could help faculty understand the positives and any decisions that we do will actually strengthen and make it a better place for all of us to work.”

Once appointed, Morgan said he plans to use his expertise and the success of the college to the university.

“Our college has had reputation for the best practice and many of our faculty affairs actives,” Morgan said.

Morgan says a number of important changes will be made within the next years and he is excited to be involved in the decision making process.

“So if I can help other colleges achieve some of those standards, I think the university will be better off.”