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In the past year, almost every department in Cleveland State University has had to revise its curriculum from the ground up. In a new series this semester, the Cleveland Stater will take a look at a department of Cleveland State University, to see how the change is affecting courses and degree tracks.

Students caught in the middle of the switch should see their academic adviser as soon as possible.

Issue 1: School of Communication

The School of Communication is making big changes. Journalism and Promotional Communication has added a number of new courses, with a focus on multimedia production, and Film and Digital Media are consolidating from three degree tracks into one 45-credit track. The director of FDM, Evan Lieberman, said, "We're going bigger, but it's going to be a much better major."

Issue 2: College of Education and Human Services

The College of Education has revamped its curriculum, with a focus on getting students into the field. The College will work with area schools, including MC2STEM and the Campus International School, to give teachers-in-training more real-life experience, earlier on.

Issue 3: Department of Modern Languages

In its two majors--French and Spanish--the Department of Modern Languages has combined and created courses to give students more knowledge about French or Spanish culture. But the department has faced some challenges with Cleveland State's new block scheduling.

Issue 4: International Business program

The International Business program has streamlined its core courses--moving its required 6-8 credits of a language from a requirement to a prerequisite--and students will be taking many more electives.

Issue 5: College of Engineering

The Washkewicz College of Engineering has split some courses and restructured three of its majors. However, many of its courses were three credits even before the Big Switch, and the change hasn't had a huge effect on Engineering overall.

Issue 6: Big Switch was rushed, but got done

Dr. Billy Kosteas, Chairman of the University Curriculum Committee, and Dr. Nigamanth Sridhar, a member of the UCC, offer a retrospective on the Big Switch. They said that because of the time frame, it was a challenge for Cleveland State's faculty.