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Theatre and Dance hold annual spring concert

By Timothy Simko


The Cleveland State Department of Theatre and Dance held their annual spring dance concert on April 25 and April 26 in the Allen Theatre at Playhouse Square.

The concert featured members of the Cleveland State Dance Company, along with alumni and faculty. The performances were directed by Lynn Deering, the Dance Company Artistic Director at Cleveland State University. Both shows saw a great turnout with most seats being filled.

Deering came out to welcome and thank all who attended the performance. She also thanked all of the students and alumni who dedicated their time preparing for the concert and was enthusiastic about the show that was about to take place.

The opening dance in the program was Quadratus, which was performed to the song “Reconsider” by XX. This first performance seemed to show the intensity and focus of the performers and the crowd was drawn in as the performers did every dance step spot on without missing a beat.

Following this was Changing Light, which was performed to the song “Totus Tuus, Op. 60” by Henryk Gorecki. This song also seemed to captivate the audience as the performers danced to the angelic-themed music.

The last performance before the intermission was Intersections, which featured the song “Partita for 8 Voices” by Caroline Shaw — another song that had a slow melody that seemed to catch the attention of the viewers with an angelic theme.

The first performance following the brief intermission was Sleep This Year Has No Authority, which was poetic in nature and featured an ensemble that communicated with the audience as well as performing. Many in the audience chuckled at some of the antics of the ensemble--including one member running in place--but overall were entertained by this piece.

The second to last piece was titled DLB Redo and was a solo piece by Helanius Wilkins. Although the audience was intrigued at first by what can only be described as a unique and bizarre performance to say the least, within the first few minutes various audience members in the theatre grumbled and grew impatient as they waited for this piece to end. Some even went so far as to violate the strict “no cell phone” policy by checking their text messages instead of watching what was transpiring on stage throughout the remainder of Wilkins’ performance.

Following the 13-minute performance, the final piece of the night was Cripple Creek — a dance performance with a country twang that was undisputedly the best performance of the night. A band performed the song “Good Night Irene” live onstage as the dance company moved across the stage to their own rhythm laughing and smiling. After the slow piece that was DLB Redo, this song woke the audience up and engaged every single audience member as people stood up and clapped to the rhythm of the music.

By the end of the show, the audience went crazy as the dance company came out and bowed for the final time. Some in the audience even gave a standing ovation after the last musical number, with others screaming at the top of their lungs.