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May 1, 2014

CSU students form new interdisciplinary group

By Hannah Corcoran

ormed on campus, called Cleveland Student Leaders for Interdisciplinary Healthcare (CSLIH). The group, made up of health science majors, is currently planning the construction of a medicinal pharmaceutical garden at the NEOMED building, according to David Aziz, president of CSLIH.

Aziz and Savannah Oliver, assistant vice president, are the founding members of the group. Aziz is a biology and pre-med major, and Oliver is a nursing major.

Aziz and Oliver, both Student Government Association (SGA) senators, initially created the medicinal garden concept for SGA, and then began working with NEOMED.

Building the garden at NEOMED will help students learn about different kinds of plants used in medicine.

“NEOMED is a new cutting edge way of learning,” Oliver said.

The project will form collaboration between health science majors and health care professionals, according to Oliver.

“The focus is on learning,” Aziz said.

Plants can be used for treatment and healing, according to Oliver.

For example, the Snowdrop plant can be used for treating dementia.

Another plant that will be in the garden is the Creeping Myrtle, which can be used to treat conditions such as diabetes, cancer, hypertension and stroke.

CSLIH has been working on the garden project with Behnke Architects, Cleveland State University's Grounds Department, SGA, Dean Meredith Bond of the College of Science, Dean Vida Lock of Nursing, Greenspace Program Manager Elaine Price, and Associate Professor of Nursing Sheryl Delgado.

Aziz thanks them “for being cooperative and influential in bringing this idea to life.”

Sheryl Delgado helped the group select 50 plants for the garden, based on her research.
Creating QR codes for the plants is also in the works, Aziz said. The QR codes will provide a background and description of the plants.

CSLIH is growing and working on recruiting more members, Aziz said.

The group can be found on OrgSync.

For more information or questions, contact David Aziz at a.w.aziz@vikes.csuohio.edu.