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April 17, 2014

Police Blotter

By Timothy Simko


Nursing lab nab

On March 25, in the afternoon, a Nursing Lab Manager reported that a patient monitor docking station and an instructor monitor docking station for a patient manikin were missing from a lab in the Chester Building. The equipment wasn’t used or seen since March 19 during class.

Time is money

A non-CSU affiliate left his wallet in his gym bag unattended for approximately 45 minutes while playing basketball in the Cleveland State Recreation Center on March 24, in the evening and later discovered that money was missing from the wallet. No other property was missing from the gym bag.

Love hurts

On March 27, in the morning, a Cleveland State student arrived with a non-CSU affiliate at Heritage Hall. When the student asked the affiliate about the status of their relationship and she responded to his question the student asked the affiliate to leave his apartment. She started damaging his personal property and physically attacking him. The student managed to force the affiliate out of his room before calling police.

Twitter jitter

A menacing by stalking report was filed on April 5, after a Cleveland State student faced repeated harassment over social media from an ex-boyfriend, a non-CSU affiliate. When the student responded to the harassment via Twitter, the ex- boyfriend called her from a private number and issued serious threats.