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April 17, 2014

BONK! keeps students entertained with light-hearted game show

By Hannah Corcoran

BONK! The Game Show was brought to Cleveland State University on Wednesday, April 9 at 7 p.m. in the Student Center Atrium.

The event, organized by the Campus Activities Board (CAB), involved a trivia game of trick questions and jokes. The lively host described the game show as “The Three Stooges meet Jeopardy.”

Students gathered around tables and enjoyed pizza and soft drinks while fellow students were chosen to compete in the event.

Three students volunteered for the first round and were chosen based on their excitement level and eagerness.

The first three students to show the host a picture of their pet got to participate in the second round and the first three students who told the host their talent were selected for the final round.

Contestants wore hard hats and hit the top of them with a fake tool when they wanted to answer a question. This would create a “bonk” sound over the speaker, hence the name of the game. During the second round, contestants could hit the other person’s hard hat if they wanted their competitor to answer the question.

Caroline Estel, a sophomore Urban Studies major, was in charge of the event.

“The game show had a lot of good reviews so we decided to use them,” she said.

Student spectators were entertained and amused by the questions the host asked contestants.

One trick question was, “who leaves money under your pillow when you lose your teeth?” Marina, the winner of round one eagerly bonked in. “The tooth fairy!” she said. Her answer was incorrect. “No, I’m sorry,” said the host. “It’s your mom and dad.”

Two other questions were, “what color is Viagra?” and “are you attracted to the host?”

Another task incorporated the audience judging their favorite pick up line from three contestants.

Prizes ranged from Ramen Noodles and Play-Doh to various cash amounts.