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April 3, 2014

CampusNet parking portal moves to own website, streamlines online services

By Timothy Simko


Parking and Transportation Services has moved its services from Cleveland State University’s CampusNet and is now available on a brand new website.

The new website, known as the CSU GO Online Parking system allows Cleveland State students, faculty and staff to access parking information, manage their parking accounts and pay citations online.

“We wanted to be able to provide a better experience,” said Benjamin Rogers, the director of Parking and Transportation Services.

The website can be accessed through the Parking and Transportation Services section of the Cleveland State website. The CSU GO Online Parking System features a main menu allowing everyone to pay for a citation or a permit, view past appeals and citations, as well as allowing the user to update their information at any given time.

Students and outside patrons can also use this new system to appeal a citation online.
“A student has 21 days maximum to appeal a citation,” said Michaele Smith, the Customer Service and Information Specialist for Parking Services.

Smith emphasized that the new system will not allow for an appeal after 22 days. The system also allows for a student to view photos that were taken when the citation was made.

“All the detail is there—the pictures and the history,” said Rogers.

Although students can use their student accounts to pay for parking permits, it cannot be used to pay a citation. Instead, a student can either pay online with a credit card or pay cash at the Parking Services office located in Euclid Commons, Room 160 on Euclid Avenue.

To register in the system, all a student has to do is fill in every area with an asterisk in a given link. So far, it has been a smooth transition according to Rogers.

“Anytime you roll something out there’s small glitches,” he said. “But overall the program is working as programmed.”

Rogers also said that Parking Services is seeking student
feedback on the new website, and that anyone can email their feedback to parking@csuohio.edu.

In addition to a brand new website, other improvements have been made in the parking department as well. Rogers said that Parking Services has updated all of their system software and had installed three self-serving kiosks in the lobby to help eliminate long lines.

Long term plans for parking services are currently under development as well.
“Our long term goal is to allow non-CSU patrons to purchase one day passes for special events,” he said.