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February 27, 2014

Facilities and Safety Team conducts satisfaction survey

By Travis Raymond

The Facilities and Safety Team (FAST) at Cleveland State University conducted their second annual customer satisfaction survey to the campus community last week.

In addition to an official email linking to the survey sent out to the community, FAST personnel were seen manning tables advertising the survey and encouraging passersby to participate.  Tables were set up in many locations across campus including the Rec center, Student Center, Music & Communication Building and Main Classroom. 

“What we want to find out is what is our service level and what areas can we improve on,” said Joseph Han, the assistant vice president of facilities and safety. 

Last year was the first time FAST issued the survey.  According to Han, the response to the survey was 92 percent positive, and he hopes to begin a positive trend with the second survey.

“This year, the marker is set at 95 percent,” Han said.  “We want 95 percent satisfaction.”
One problem that came to light after last year’s survey was issues with the innerlink signage.

“People were getting lost, I was getting lost,” Han said.  “Now all you have to do is look up.”

Another issue was a shortage of furniture in common areas on campus.  Since surveys alone can be vague, Han said SGA President Allie Dumski and the student government were helpful in addressing the furniture issue by specific location.

“Customer feedback is really important, and the majority of the customers are students,” Han said.  “The surveys say that at least 70 percent of respondents are students.”

Han expects the results from this year’s survey to be in by the first week of March.  The first FAST survey had over 2,000 respondents last year.  Han hopes for as many respondents this year and says FAST will issue the survey yearly in the spring.