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February 13, 2014

Police Blotter

By Timothy Simko


Carnegie avenue theft

On Jan. 19, a man not affiliated with Cleveland State University found his car was stolen at 2000 Carnegie Ave. After being contacted, both the Campus Police Department and the RTA Police Department confirmed that the car had not been towed.

Criminal damaging

On Jan. 20, a Cleveland State University student found that her car, which was parked in a Euclid Lofts Apartment parking lot, had its rear passenger window shattered and the vehicle was entered. Her glove compartment was opened and her vehicle registration and insurance information was missing. She also observed that the vehicle ignition had been removed from the steering column and was also missing.

YMCA vehicle missing

On Jan. 30, a Cleveland State University student found that her vehicle was missing from the YMCA parking lot. She checked the lot thinking she might have parked in another spot but could not find the vehicle. The student advised that the vehicle was parked legally with a Cleveland State hangtag on the mirror. There was nothing of value inside the vehicle. Police checked with the Cleveland State Parking Department and were advised that the vehicle was not towed.

Crutch Assault

On Feb. 1, police were dispatched to 2342 Prospect Ave. in connection with an assault. A Cleveland State University student was walking towards his residence at Euclid Commons after drinking alcohol with some friends.
The group of friends approached two men at the corner of E. 22 street and Euclid Avenue, one of the men was on crutches. The man on crutches hit the Cleveland State Student for no reason and caused him to fall to his knees and scrape his right knee.
The group of men then walked southbound on Euclid Avenue. The student called 911 and followed the men from a distance as they shouted obscenities at him. The student followed the group until they walked into the Walker Weeks apartment building at 2342 Prospect Ave.
The police officer observed two abrasions and swelling on the right side of the victim’s cheek, as well as his right pant leg being torn at the right knee. The victim refused medical attention and had an odor of alcohol on his breath.
Police attempted to gain access to the Walker Weeks apartments in an attempt to locate the suspects, however officers were unable to gain access to the non-CSU property or locate any suspects.