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Feb. 13, 2014

Mentalist mesmerizes crowd

Joshua Seth

By Lalita Smith

Joshua Seth brought his acclaimed show, “Beyond Belief: An Intimate Evening of Psychological Illusion,” to Cleveland State Univeristy on Feb. 6.

The show was held in the Student Center Atrium, and was brought to students by the Campus Activities Board.

Although the crowd may have been smaller than those Seth is used to, his illusions still astounded and amazed.
“We had about 100 people in total, with people leaving early and coming in late as well as watching the event from the second or third floor balconies of the Student Center,” said Mackenna Crosby, who organized the event.

This wasn’t the first time Seth successfully dazzled the stage here at CSU.
“Joshua Seth has been here twice, and we invited him back because of the success we had last year,” Crosby said.

Seth masterfully wove mind reading, card tricks and comedy into a mesmerizing show that elicited from the audience both shocked gasps and loads of laughter.
“I liked that the show wasn’t just corny magic tricks, it was really funny,” said student Lauren Carter, who just happened to stop at the show on her way through the student center.

Although Seth did incorporate a few more commonly seen magic tricks—such as guessing the card that an audience member selected—arguably the most memorable part of the show was his well-renowned “thought reading ability.”

Seth performed what he called a “group mind reading” in which he “read” the minds of audience members to correctly guess what they had written on small pieces of paper passed throughout the crowd.

Astonishingly enough he was right most of the time, even “reading” the fact that one woman in the audience was pregnant—and predicting the birth of a girl on Aug.14.
Despite his unexplained ability to seemingly read minds, Seth doesn’t fancy himself a psychic.

“I’m not a psychic, what I do is more psychological, I read people,” said Seth.
Seth has taken his Beyond Belief show to college campuses across the country and has performed more than 2,000 shows in more than 30 countries.