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February 13, 2014

University sells off surplus property at silent auction

Surplus sale

By Aaron Cutteridge

A silent auction opportunity for anyone to purchase a surplus item from Cleveland State University closed for this semester on Feb. 7, but another sale will be held next semester.

James Salatel with Property Control said “If we can’t sell it, we’ll run it through again, until it sells.”

Property Control is located 1802 West 25th Street and the surplus items offered, per each sale, are kept in a locked storage locker, the size of a classroom.

Items such as a kitchen cabinet, computer monitors, desks, tables, chairs, televisions and even vehicles are offered for as little as a $1 bid.

The auction, held as a sealed, silent auction means you will submit your bid for an item, such as an offer of $10 for the kitchen cabinet, and if you win you will be contacted to come and pay for the item and take it. If you are one of numerous bidders for that item, but you were outbid for the item, you will be called and told you did not win the item.

" Stuff we know people use such as monitors we will keep in inventory for people to come up here . . . and be taken off of the bid," said Salatel. “If it’s not a computer, we try to sell it.”
Only items such as broken furniture or electronics that cannot be used anymore are disposed of. The computer components are all broken down into recyclable pieces.

Notification of the surplus sales held by property control are announced in the Campus Horn email newsletter.