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Whoa! Cavs shock fans with NBA Draft pick

Girl's camp at CSU

Second annual Derby Night to be held on Aug. 17



CSU professor advises on laws of private space travel

The Space Race – the Cold War-era competition between the United States and Russia – ran for almost 20 years as the two rivals sought to best each other in the arena of space exploration.

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Miss Ohio Latina 2013 crowned

The legacy paved by the first Miss Ohio Latina in 2012 was passed down on June 29 by Tatiana Figueroa, the current holder of the crown, to Youngstown native Stephanie Miranda in Cleveland State's Waetjen Auditorium

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Unpaid internships: drain on society, economy

A recent ruling by a federal district court judge in New York could be the first step towards the dismantling of the unpaid internship.

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DOMA’s defeat stirs pride

On June 26 the LGBT community and supporters of marriage equality collectively celebrated the defeat of the Defense of Marriage Act.

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Rebate to offset tuition increase

The start of the 2013 academic year brings with it a 2 percent increase in the cost of tuition – the maximum allowed in Ohio – but an innovative plan approved by the Cleveland State Board of Trustees gives qualifying students the opportunity to get that money back.

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New provost takes office, sets sights on challenges

After a long and arduous search process involving more than 60 considered candidates, Cleveland State University’s vacant provost position has finally been filled.

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NCTQ study produces controversy

Recently, the National Council of Teacher Quality (NCTQ) released a new teacher preparation study that, once again, educational leaders nationwide found to not be very useful.

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Plaza construction delays farmers market

The North Union Farmers Market’s annual return to Cleveland State’s campus has been delayed by the reconstruction of Star Plaza.

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CSU mandates health insurance

All students living in university housing at Cleveland State this fall are required to have healthcare coverage that meets the school guidelines.

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Controversy arises from distinctive CSU sculpture

A Cleveland State graduate feels that officials are not being fair when their already approved agreement to build a community garden crumbled in front of his eyes.

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Rhodes Tower, Main Classroom construction causes detours

Navigating Cleveland State’s campus will become a bit trickier as construction gets underway this week on repairs to Rhodes Tower and Main Classroom.

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