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Jan. 31, 2013

‘Wellfest’ educates about health, wellness

Students explore variety of health options on display

By Gabriel Hart

Long wooden tables filled Cleveland State’s ballroom. Each table belonged to a different organization promoting health and wellness at the Cleveland State Wellfest.

“The purpose of the fest is to educate students on their resources and to promote healthy living,” Student Service employee Alyssa Hyndman said.

Most of the tables held poster boards and pamphlets, which contained information for students. In addition, some tables held small things for students to collect. Some tables held candy and hand sanitizers, and others held everything from feminine care products to first aid kits, sleep masks, vitamin samples and bookmarks.

Second Sole athletic shoe wearThere were representatives in attendance from all areas of health and wellness. The representatives stood beside their designated tables as a guard would stand next to his post. Some of the organizations that were in attendance were Career services, the Women’s Center, United Health Care, MetroHealth, Kaiser Permanente, Pleasant Valley Chiropractic, Second Sole athletic shoe wear, Medical Mutual, Century Cycles, Cleveland Clinic and so many more.

To encourage participation from students, they gave out T-shirts and other knickknacks. In order to receive the handouts students had to visit all the tables and get a stamp on a sheet with a map of the displays at the fest.

Students could be seen collecting information and stamps from each table.
Some tables were only visited because a student needed a stamp, and one could identify those tables because no one hung around too long to listen or see the displays, and they just politely collected their stamps and kept moving.

Cleveland State University’s display for health insurance was one of the tables that students spent very little time at. The table looked bare, aside from a couple white poster boards with black ink and pamphlets for student injury and sickness insurance plans.
One of the displays that attracted the most attention was Pleasant Valley Chiropractic. Students lined up for an onsite spinal analysis, which allowed them to check their spinal alignment.

Career Services employee Ivana Yuko was going to all of the tables collecting stamps as well.

“It’s an incentive for us to get out and get healthy. They even give us a free membership to the rec, and we really appreciate it,” said Yuko.

Metro Health hands out informationDanielle Aimes, who was working behind the Women’s Center table, had her hands full, students lined up to collect things from her table. It probably had something to do with the engaging handouts that her table held, which looked like a mini vogue magazine, sat on her table. Students were connived by the outer appearance of what turned out to be a box of tampons.

“I have been participating in the Wellness fest for three years, and every year it gets better,” Aimes said.

From spiritual fitness to physical fitness to brain exercises, the health and wellness fair covered it all.