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Heavy Flow

On Nov. 25 an officer in a patrol car spotted a man urinating in public around 8:40 p.m.
The man was in the northeast corner of a parking lot near East 17th street and Chester Avenue and could be seen from the patrol car as the officer entered the intersection.
The officer reported there was a heavy traffic flow at the time due to an event letting out at the Playhouse.
The officer reported the man was creating a condition offensive to those passing by. The man was cooperative with the officer and was given a ticket for disorderly conduct.

Just Leave Already

On Nov. 27 an altercation occurring at Euclid Commons was reported at 1:10 a.m. after a non-Cleveland State Student
demanded his ID from staff and left before police arrived. The man was a guest of a student living at Euclid Commons who was there with the student and two other friends.
The student asked everyone to leave and went back to her room after an argument broke out.
The man followed the student back to her room and forced his way in. The student tried to call 911 but the man grabbed the phone.
The student then went into the bathroom to again call 911 when the man forced his way into the bathroom, knocked the phone from her hand and put her in a headlock against the wall.
After the student fought him off and managed to escape the bathroom, the man once again grabbed the phone out of her hand and threw it hard enough to crack the screen and left.
The student refused treatment from EMS and did not want to file charges.

Recreational Thievery

On Nov. 28 the Cleveland State Rec staff reported a theft that occurred on Oct. 8.
They reported that they had lent two Xbox controllers and two games to a non-Cleveland State student on a two-week trial.
The individual failed to return the borrowed equipment and did not answer phone calls, emails, or certified mail from the department.
The police tried to contact the individual with the information on file at the Rec but was not successful. The stolen equipment is valued at $180.