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Fenn repairs near finish

Dec 6th 2012

By Matt Stafford

Students have now started moving back into Fenn Tower after being locked out in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Originally, they were told the repairs would be finished in about a week.
Unfortunately, this was not the case.

Students had been locked out of their rooms for three weeks while repairs to their rooms from the hurricane took place. They were relocated to the nearby Comfort Inn or relegated to commuting from home. Many Cleveland State students were frustrated by the longer than expected wait as were many families some of whom had their schedules rearranged by the unexpected return of their kids.

This was not helped by a Nov. 27 Plain Dealer article that reported that all the rooms that were damaged would be closed until January. To rectify the message on the same day, Residence Life sent out an e-mail that this was not the case.

“As a matter of fact, I have some great news!” Meg Nicholson, Director of Residence Life, said in an email. “We anticipate that the repair work in 15-18 rooms will be completed and those rooms will be available for 35-40 students to return in the next few days.”

However, many students had asked what was taking so long. There were a number of reasons for the delays.

According to Nicholson, the dry walling contractors weren't available until after the Thanksgiving recess. Secondly, the damage was extensive in a number of rooms. It wasn't just wet carpet. There was damage to wiring, the ceilings and the drywall. All this necessitated extensive repairs.

The other part of the problem was the process.

“We had to do the rooms one by one,” Joe Mosbrook, director of strategic communications said. “It took a lot of time.”

Now that most of the work has been completed, the majority of students have moved back in. A few still remain locked out, but their rooms will be returned to working condition soon.