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Dec. 6, 2012

Journalism student named CLASS valedictorian

By Brandon Blackwell

Cleveland State’s College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences selected Journalism major Jordan Stevenson as the school’s valecdictorian for the Fall 2012 graduating class.

“I actually cried when I found out,” Stevenson, a 25-year-old Cleveland native, said. “I was really shocked. I never in a million years thought I would get it.”

Stevenson, who came to Cleveland State as a freshman in 2009 and has maintained a 3.9 GPA, said she was approached by the college earlier in the semester and asked to apply for the designation.

The one-time executive editor of The Cleveland Stater was asked to submit letters of recommendation and a portfolio of her work.

Weeks later, Stevenson’s mother delivered the good news.

“My mother actually called me when I was in the car with my boyfriend,” Stevenson said. “She had opened the letter without me even being there.

“I am proud and I’m humbled because there are a lot of people here that work hard and deserve it too.”

Stevenson has worked in the administrative offices in the College of Education and Human Services during the eight semesters she has called Cleveland State home.

“My experience has been absolutely amazing, and not just my academic experience,” Stevenson said. “I’ve created a family here. I’m sad to see it all end. Graduating is really bittersweet.”

A semester-long internship at Cleveland Magazine kept Stevenson busier than usual during her final months at Cleveland State.

She hopes her experience feature writing, fact checking and copy editing for the publication will help springboard her career after graduation.

“I’m definitely trying to find a job in Journalism,” Stevenson said. “I want to look for a job after graduation, but I also want to take a minute and enjoy it.”

Stevenson’s graduation ceremony is scheduled for Dec. 16.