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SGA, Parking Services work to solve student parking concerns

Matt Stafford

September 27, 2012

Parking has been a long running issue at Cleveland State. From parking spots being removed for new campus developments, worries about security going to and from their car, to the constant hassle of hangtag hangups, it can be enough to make a student want to rip their hair out and run screaming into the night.

Fortunately, the SGA and the Parking Department appear to be reaching solutions to some of the problems.

At the press conference held on Sept. 18, the Speaker of the Senate, Jon Fedor, announced a few major changes.

He first addressed the hang tag issue. There were green and white hangtags for the day students, however evening students would have to park in the South Garage as the hang tag periods expired. This presented major problems.

Many students did not feel safe going to their class in a farther away building and returning much later after dark.

“We are an urban campus and we have different security needs,” Fedor said.

To address this, the parking department is now issuing new hangtags for evening students. This will allow them to use the garages around the campus and park closer to their buildings. This is not the only parking issue being tackled though.

Fedor said that they were also working on a solution to a problem as old as driving itself -- Finding a parking space. Fedor noted how a lot of people drive “around and around” looking for a space to open up.

A new system being tried in South Garage might change that. The South Garage will be monitored continuously and parking spots will be updated in real time. Students will be able to see where the spots are online. This method has been used in other universities and if the trial in South Garage works, it will be implemented fully here.

Editor’s Note: Corrections from Sept. 13 issue parking story. The green hang tag is for students parking in core lots and South Garage and a white hang tag for farther, perimeter area parking and South Garage. Parking Services is in the process of collecting data before selling more permits. The waiting list for green hangtags is currently closed to new names but students currently on the green hangtag waitling list are being given the right to purchase the tags as space permits.