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Ryan stumps at CSU, declares war on poverty

Speaks on upward mobility, government dependency, federal deficit

October 25, 2012

By Eric Bonzar

Congressman Paul Ryan spoke to approximately 500 guests inside the Waetjen Auditorium at Cleveland State Oct. 24.

Ryan spoke about poverty from a Republican policy perspective and how the Romney administration would help reduce the growing number of poor in the country. It was billed as the first major policy speech that the campaign seemingly had held on to until now.

Ryan said Americans are better off in a free enterprise based economy that fosters economic growth, opportunity and upward mobility instead of a stagnant government driven economy that stifles job creation and fosters government dependency.

“Upward mobility is the essential crux of life in America,” Ryan said.”We’re still trying to measure compassion by how much government spends, not by how many people we help escape from poverty,” he added.

Ryan made a powerful case for Romney as a businessman who is not aloof, but actually cares for ordinary folks. He made the argument that addressing poverty starts first by fixing the bludgeoning federal deficit.

“We will not bury our children and our grandchildren in debt,” Ryan said. “We’ll just stop spending money we don’t have.”

This was a major campaign event by the Romney-Ryan campaign in downtown Cleveland. He made a major policy speech in a heavily democratic district with the Election Day just about two weeks away.

Cleveland State campus has emerged as a favorite campaign stop for the two campaigns. A few weeks ago President Obama also spoke at CSU at a rally that was held in Krenzler Field. President Obama is returning to Cleveland on Oct. 25 for yet another rally today at Burke Lakefront Airport.