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WRP interviews CSU Students

by Matt Stafford

October 25th 2012

Students with disabilities had a chance to participate in a jobs program at Cleveland State. On Oct. 17, the Workforce Registration Program set up shop in the Office of Disability Services in MC 144.

According to Jerry Gillinov, disability specialist in the Office of Disability Services at Cleveland State, 10 people showed up.

The WRP is a program organized by the Federal Government. The WRP helps people with disabilities find jobs, most often in the Federal Government, but private companies use it as well. The jobs can either be permanent jobs or summer jobs. Linda Casalina, assistant director of Disability Services, liked the turnout and likes what the WRP does.

“It gives people with disabilities access to good jobs,” Casalina said. “They are secure, and there’s a lot of opportunity for advancement.”

The WRP had representatives going to universities across America and meeting with students. The students had to apply online and submit resumes, transcripts, letters of recommendation and various personal information. On the day the WRP representative came over, the applicants went into the Office of Disability Services for an interview. The interview itself was set up like a standard job interview. Candidates were evaluated not just on standard job skills but on maturity and ability to adapt to their disability according to the WRP representative.

After their interview, the results were uploaded to the WRP server. The results will soon be available to human resources departments in the Federal Government as well as the private companies that work with the WRP. According to the WRP representative, the interview results would be available to Federal agencies come December.
For more information on the WRP, visit wrp.gov.