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Disgruntled driver

At 2:41 p.m. on Oct. 1, an officer was approached by a Cleveland State student reporting she had been assaulted by a male Cleveland State student who was a passenger in her car.
The student reported that she had been driving westbound on Euclid Avenue between East 24th and East 22nd when the male passenger hit her twice and then left on foot.
The officer reported that no injuries were visible, but the female student requested EMS because she felt dizzy and shaken up. When EMS arrived she reported feeling better and denied transport.
The male student was identified by description and stopped by officers. He reported the altercation was strictly verbal and there was no physical violence.
The female student was advised how to press charges.

Phone jacked

On Oct. 2 around 10:30 p.m. an officer was approached by a Cleveland State student reporting his cell phone had been stolen.
The student reported he had plugged his phone charger into an outlet on the fourth floor of the Main Classroom near the clock tower elevators. The student then left the area and returned 15 minutes later. The student found the phone charger plugged into the wall, but the phone was missing.
The student checked with custodians in the area who reported seeing nothing suspicious, and the lost and found, who also did not have the phone.
The student reported that the phone was secured with a code lock and was worth about $250.

Family feud

On Oct. 3 an officer observed a vehicle on Euclid Avenue with expired validation stickers. The officer ran the plates and found the vehicle was reported stolen by Cleveland Police.
The officer detained the passengers and took the car keys while he contacted Cleveland Police. Cleveland Police reported the vehicle was reported stolen due to unauthorized use.
The passengers reported that the regular owner of the vehicle had been ill and living in their residence since September 2011. They also reported that the owner had passed away in February and willed the possessions to them, but the foster children of the deceased family member disagree with them having possession of the car.
The officer transported the passengers to their residence and the vehicle was impounded by Cleveland Police’s Financial Crime Unit.