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Conservative views not often expressed by college students

October 11, 2012

By Matt Stafford

When it comes to politics, holding the minority viewpoint is not easy.

This is true everywhere, even in places that place high value on free thinking and exchange of ideas like colleges. For many people with conservative ideas, and not just the non-traditional Ron Paul type, it can be a bit of a problem.

This reporter found it to be difficult to get conservatives on campus to speak their mind in today’s polarized climate. Many of them did not want to go on record as being conservative.

Pic courtesy mittromney.com/tumblrChad Justice, a graduate from the class of 2008, has been a conservative all his life. He holds many conservative viewpoints such as personal responsibility and leaving most matters to local and state control rather than getting the Federal government involved. He also describes himself as pro-life. Part of the reason he is conservative is that he is worried about what is being left behind for future generations.

“Even with the high taxes we’re still running a high deficit,” Justice said. “That deficit is something the younger generation needs to be worried about.”
He also notes over-regulation favored by many left-leaning politicians.

“People don’t realize the amount of regulation and the amount of tax they’re paying when they total it all up,” he said. “We have reached a point where our government is regulating the size of our soda.”

Another student who identifies as Republican has admitted that it is a bit unusual to see a Republican college student.

“It’s kind of difficult to be a Republican as a college student because people our age are very critical and closed minded about politics,” the anonymous student said.

He went on to suggest that college students “live in a bubble” and said that their views tend to “mellow out” as they start working and paying taxes.

Both Justice and the student advise young conservatives to be prepared for opposition.

The unidentified student said that people will be critical of their viewpoints. However, both also said it is good to meet opposition to refine and understand what they believe.

In many conservative circles, the perception is that professors and students regularly vilify students who happen to lean to the right of the political spectrum in between left wing tirades. There have been plenty of unconfirmed horror stories, including a famous urban legend where a Christian conservative student challenged a professor that said there was no God. The professor challenged him by dropping a piece of chalk to see if it would break or God would stop it. Long story short, the chalk did not break.

It does not help that many college professors are in fact liberal. This notion that a student who is a conservative will be attacked from all sides by everyone sometimes intimidates high school students who are considering college. Fortunately, this is not the case. Conservative students might be challenged but they won’t be vilified as much as the sensationalized Internet horror stories say.