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Just Steal It

On Sept. 17, an officer was called to the Rec Center at 10:18 p.m. for a theft. A Cleveland State student reported that he was going to play basketball at the North Court and set down his black Nike bag by a bench. He left the bag unattended to get a drink of water and when he returned, the bag, holding his iPhone, keys, wallet, IDs, credit cards and about $40 was gone. Rec Center staff walked around the facility looking for the bag, but it could not be located.

I Smell a Rat

Campus police responded to a call coming from Residence Life regarding the odor of marijuana coming from one of the dorms on Sept. 21.The call came in around 4:24 p.m. when a RA reported getting a text from a residence saying they could smell marijuana. The RA confirmed there was an odor and contacted Residence Life.
Officers were not able to detect any odor in the hallway and when the door was opened a strong odor of freshener was present.
The resident denied there was any marijuana in the room, but then opened the closet and showed the officers a glass pipe like device with burnt residue. The resident was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Dorm Dispute

On Sept. 22, a female Cleveland State student reported an assault that occurred in her dorm room.The student reported that her boyfriend, who is not a CSU student, had spent the night in her dorm.She said she made her boyfriend sleep on the couch because they had an argument. The assault occurred when the student asked her boyfriend to clean up the area he had slept in.
The boyfriend argued with the student and began to assault her.
The student managed to stop the assault and escort her boyfriend to the lobby to get his ID and leave.The student refused treatment from EMS, but was willing to file a report with authorities