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Tech allows students to set meetings electronically

September 27, 2012

By Dan Stanton

Loren Eiseley’s “The Star Thrower” is a short story about throwing beached starfish back into the sea, and it is also the inspiration for the name of new software system adopted by Cleveland State.

The Virginia-based Starfish Retention Solutions’ program interfaces with Cleveland State’s PeopleSoft system, allowing students to electronically schedule appointments with faculty, advisers and counselors.

The system can be accessed through CampusNet, but it is not available to all students yet.

Right now, according to William Beasley, the coordinator for Starfish, the system is only available to about one-half of the undergraduates at Cleveland State. But, the system should be available to all undergrads by the end of the fall semester.

Beasley said CampusNet had a similar “early warning system” for such student, but said Starfish is much more robust, flexible and capable of much more. He said it has automated “flagging” abilities and also allows for praise, known as “kudos,” for students who perform well.

Right now, freshmen and all CLASS undergraduates are using Starfish. It is also being used by undergrads in Exploratory Advising, TRIO, TASC, honors students, athletes and students in the Post-Secondary Enrollment Program.

So far there has been little resistance to using the system Beasley said, and he added that there has been a positive response. He added that Mark Gefert, the coordinator for athletic advising, has been using the system exclusively for scheduling advising.