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SGA discusses budget increase, Homecoming

Matt Stafford

September 27, 2012

The Student Government Association held their annual press conference, Sept. 18 in the Student Center Ballroom. The Executive Board unveiled big news about several subjects.

There are going to be several big events this semester including a homecoming parade and a new voter registration initiative. Their biggest news though was financial. Much of the press conference concerned money they had for student organizations and events — specifically, the fact that they have more of it this year.

Moatesem Al Bitar, SGA presidentMoatesem Al Bitar, SGA president, announced that the budget for events and student organization funding rose from $1.2 million to $1.6 million. This is due to the SGA convincing the administration to redistribute funds. In an analysis, the SGA had found that around $400,000 from general fee dollars had been used for the upkeep of Krenzler Field.

They convinced the administration to move that money over to student events where they believed students would be better served.

“This year is going to be the trial period, if you will,” Al Bitar said. “However, we have received assurance from the administration that this will be a regular thing.”

Many organizations have found this to be a welcome bit of good news, especially with the chaos that followed the Student Life restructuring.

Christopher Hreha, GLASA president, was excited about the increase in money.

“I think this represents a positive restoration to order after the setbacks earlier this semester,” Hreha said.

For those who were concerned about the upkeep of Krenzler Field, Al Bitar said not to worry.

“The Athletics Department will find the money,” he said.

As far as how the money will be distributed, the Executive Board gave some details. One hundred thousand dollars will be given to the student organizations through the SGA Finance Committee, another $100,000 will be for homecoming, and the rest will be divided between Student Life and the General Fee Advisory Committee.

Next, the Executive Board discussed Homecoming. Homecoming will take place on Oct. 17.

There will be a parade starting from East 24th Street and going all the way to the Wolstein Center. According to the Board, student organizations will be encouraged to bring their Viking-themed floats to the parade and join in the fun. They want to see as much participation as possible and they want it to be the biggest ever.

The parade is not the only big thing going on at Homecoming, though. After the pregame tailgating in the parking lot complete with free food, games and face painting, the varsity men’s and women’s basketball teams will be introduced. Following that, there will be a concert featuring the All-American Rejects, The Ready Set and Boys Like Girls.