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CSU cost, campus feel attract largest freshman class

By Brittney Schmies

September 27, 2012

The 2012-13 Cleveland State school year brought in the biggest freshman class to date, 1,580 freshmen are enrolled in this fall semester. Affordability, campus development and city- life atmosphere brought them here.

Cleveland State is foremost a commuter campus. Residence life is increasing, but the convenience of having a campus fairly close to a number of cities is a benefit to many. This local commuter campus offers an affordable education to students around the area, and more recently, students at farther distances.

Joe Mosbrook, director of Strategic Communication, said they reached out to recent high school graduates in areas such as Erie Pa., Buffalo and Southern Michigan as a way to draw in more freshmen. The number of freshmen coming from out of state increased 27 percent, and the number of freshmen coming from outside of Cuyahoga County increased 20 percent, Mosbrook said.

Freshmen students Nick Jezerianc, Min Gwan and Swati Patel agreed that affordability was a crucial factor in deciding to go to Cleveland State.

A freshmen scholarship program also added to the affordable attractiveness of Cleveland State. The program requires freshmen to have a high school GPA of at least 3.0 and an ACT score of at least 23.

“This is the largest academically prepared class with the highest GPA and ACT scores in history,” Mosbrook said.

While students may be earning an education at a cost that, when compared to other universities, is reasonable, they do not feel they are lacking in terms of a campus feel. Campus development, both in and around Cleveland State, is recognized by this year’s freshmen.

“I love the campus, it is absolutely gorgeous,” said Emily Ladiche, a freshman Speech and Language Pathology major.

Cleveland State offers a variety of activities, clubs and other ways to get involved as a way to promote student life.

Having these options available helps makes students feel involved in their school.

“Cleveland State is a school where being involved is easy,” said Brittany White, a freshman nursing major.

Another aspect of student life that was a big draw to freshmen was Viking Expeditions. In this student-led program students get the chance to try their hand in leadership and service roles.

Ladiche said she didn’t consider herself the type of student to join campus organizations, but the Viking Expeditions program really appealed to her.

Aside from a thriving student life, Cleveland State has the backdrop of downtown Cleveland as a campus. Cleveland is a city full of life, and that is a world of wonder in the eyes of freshman students.

Having a campus in the middle of downtown was a big benefit for White. As a nursing major she said she found having the Cleveland hospitals systems so close to her school as a benefit to her and her future.

A push towards campus activities is drawing students in and keeping them on campus longer. Instead of showing up for classes and going back home, students are hanging around in the Student Center with friends, indulging in Student Life activities and enjoying all their campus has to offer.