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CSU test their Constitution skills

Displays, discussion, and contest to bring fun, education to students

By Amanda Duncan

September 13,2012

Cleveland State University will celebrate Constitution Day Sept. 17-18 with two displays, a discussion, an online contest and free cupcakes.

Constitution Day is celebrated every year on Sept. 17. It was founded by the federal government through an earmark that was inserted into a spending bill by the late
Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia in 2004. The bill requires all schools from grade schools to colleges and universities to celebrate in order to receieve federal funding.

One display will be in the Michael Schwartz Library that will be titled “We the People.” It will provide information on the Constitution, Bill of Rights and its framers.

Students can test their knowledge of the Constitution by participating in an online contest, with a chance to win one of two VikingCash cards valued at $25, or the grand prize of one VikingCash card for $75.

The contest can be found at http://library.csuohio.edu/promos/constitution.
The contest ends Sept. 14, and the drawing will be held on Sept. 17 at noon at Rhodes Tower in the first floor of Michael Schwartz library. The winners will be determined based on a random drawing of entries with all of the correct answers.

As part of the event, another display titled “The Constitution and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and The U.S. Attempt to Fix its Broken Health Care System” will be held at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law in the Moot Courtroom, LB 101 from 5-6 p.m. Gwendolyn Roberts Majette, an assistant professor of Law at CSU, will be speaking about the Constitution and the PPACA.

Majette’s area of interest is in Health Care Law. Her focus is on patients’ rights, health care reform and delivery system reform. She has worked on health care issues on Captiol Hill.

PPACA is for the uninsured Americans and reducing the overall cost of health care. Most people know it as Obamacare.

Whether controversy still remains from the Constitution Day mandate, CSU plans to make it a fun and educational one for students.