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SGA welcomes incoming
students to open houses

by Matthew Stafford

September 13, 2012

Yesterday and last Tuesday, the Cleveland State University Student Government Association held their annual SGA Open Houses.

At the beginning of every semester, the SGA has a few open houses outside the SGA office on the second floor of the Student Center. They do this to help welcome the new freshmen and transfer students and introduce them to the SGA. During the two welcome sessions, in addition to handing out free popcorn, they handed out pamphlets. These pamphlets described what the SGA does as well as how they could become involved.

This is one of the primary purposes of these open houses. SGA wants new students to join in student government to make sure positions are filled when people graduate. To this end, there was a rotating staff of senators in the office to introduce themselves. Much of the Executive Board was there as well, including President Moatasem Al Bitar, Vice President Christopher Caspary, and Secretary Kaitlin Vandermark.
President Al Bitar and Vice President Caspary gave the Stater a preview of this semester’s goals.

Caspary explained that there would be a special meeting students could attend on the 18th where they would learn about SGA’s coming activities. President Al Bitar gave a little more detail.

“We recently got extra funding from the university,” he said. “We will be hosting the press conference to tell the students what we will be doing. Right now, I can tell you that student orgs will be getting an increase in funding and that we’ll be doing something for Homecoming.”

The press conference will be at noon in the SC Ballroom on the third floor.