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June 6, 2013

Basketball camps display developing skills

Girls’ camp focuses on technique


By Ronnie Holman

GIrl's camp

The Cleveland State Vikings women’s basketball team held its annual skills camp for players from grades three to 12 at the Wolstein Center. The camp was a full day’s work for three days, from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. on June 24-26. The camp is meant to help improve the participant’s skill level and for CSU women to give back to the community.

Coach Bernard Scott, who was recently promoted to associate head coach for the Viking women after four years with the team, noted that the participants don’t scrimmage all the time; they do have individual areas they get to improve on.

“We teach the fundamentals of the game, dribbling, rebounding, defense and techniques,” Scott said. “We feel when the players leave this camp, they should be able to go to their respective teams and be better than they were before.”

The camp is a great platform for young basketball players to come and get to know CSU’s coaching staff, trainers and players on a personal level. This serves as a great opportunity to watch and talk to the players that they may only see when they’re competing.

“They get to meet us and the players who they have probably watched compete and wonder what they may be like in person,” Scott said. “It’s just a great camp for young female basketball players to get involved with our program.”

Many players have come through this camp over the years, two of whom received scholarship offers from CSU. They will be freshman on this year’s team.

“We offer a best-of-the-best camp in August for high school players and we were able to offer two players out of that camp scholarships, we were fortunate enough they accepted,” Scott said.

Kierston Green, 20, a junior and point guard for the women’s team is a coach at the camp and enjoys watching the participants compete and become better.

“The camp helps me understand the coaching aspect of it and how important it is to listen and understand the directions the coaches are giving me when I compete,” Green said. “The talent gets better every year, I enjoy working with kids and watching them compete.”

Green is no stranger to hard work and time needed to be a high level division one basketball player. Because of her hard work she is a member of the CSU women’s basketball team.

“I think some kids have the potential to be a division one basketball player as long as they are willing to put in the hard work and effort, they can definitely get to that level,” Green said. “Some kids do have more talent than others but it comes down to the hard work.”

Some participants are already looking forward to coming to the camp next year. Latreviana Beverly, sophomore at Cleveland Central Catholic High School is participating in the camp for the first time and has credited the camp because she has improved some skills.

“The camp benefits well because you learn a lot of the basics and that’s what you need in basketball,” Beverly said. “The camp has set me up to be a leader on my team.”

The participants go through learning, sharpening skills and tough strength and conditioning, but she still wants to invite some of her teammates to participate in the camp next year.

“I will definitely invite some friends because this camp does make you better, even though you are sore everyday after the camp,” Beverly said. “I improved my left hand shot and dribbling in one day all because of this camp.”