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June 27, 2013

CSU sorority to merge with national Phi Mu

While many cheer changes, some disenfranchised by new requirements

By Alexandra Murray

Phi Mu, a national fraternity for women, will be merging with Cleveland State’s Gamma Delta sorority as part of its plan to colonize seven new schools in the spring. Although this is a time of celebration, some Gamma Delta members feel that Phi Mu is a sorority they might not want to associate with.

“I was happy for my sisters but I didn’t feel that the organization fit me,” said one former member who chose to remain anonymous.
She is one of several former members of Gamma Delta who will not be returning to their beloved sorority due to major changes in the requirements.
phi mu
These major changes include the recruitment process, which now consists of signing up for Phi Mu at their website (www.gophimu.com), scheduling a personal interview with Phi Mu representatives, and attending at least one recruitment event. In addition, applicants must meet the more stringent academic requirements of Phi Mu.

Despite the recent backlash from some former members of Gamma Delta in regards to the new changes, Phi Mu continues to state that the reason they came to the Cleveland State campus was not to burden the students but to unite them.

“Phi Mu is interested in opening a new chapter at Cleveland State for the University’s continuous growth, institutional support provided to the Greek community and an increased interest in sorority membership,” said Jessica Winkles, Phi Mu’s extension director. “We look forward to working with the University administration, Greek life staff and the women of Gamma Delta to provide a values-based sorority experience for unaffiliated women on Cleveland State’s campus.”

Jasmine Elder, the current president of Cleveland State’s Gamma Delta – founded on January 21, 2011 – is one of the many fans of the merger.
“Their initial goal was to go national and merge with a group who is like them in so many ways,” Elder said.

In merging with Phi Mu they now have the support needed to go national, which will help to extend the sorority beyond the campus of Cleveland State.

Some of the other schools Phi Mu will colonize are Florida Atlantic University, Oklahoma City University and the University of Cincinnati. As a result of their rapid growth many other universities, such as East Carolina University and Kent State University, have requested that the women’s fraternity colonize on their campuses as well.

Phi Mu’s vice president of communications and extension, Beth Monnin, is also enthused about the impending colonizations.

“This is a very exciting time for Phi Mu,” Monnin said. “We look forward to growing our membership and joining the Pan-Hellenic community on these campuses. I am proud of Phi Mu and of everyone who helped make these new colonies possible.”